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There is a wide range of accommodation for international students in Wellington – and options to suit you and your budget. Choices include homestay, halls of residence and private housing.

Homestay accommodation

Study homestay 500x500

Homestay accommodation is a popular option for international students. It involves living with a carefully selected New Zealand family who will provide a room and at least two meals each day, often three.

Homestays are a great opportunity to practise your English and learn about the New Zealand way of life.

All primary and secondary schools and many tertiary institutions provide homestay options for international students. 

Homestay fees are around $250 - $290 per week for both tertiary students and secondary school students.

Halls of residence at universities

Te Puni

Some tertiary education institutions, including Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University Wellington, offer halls of residence options.

In a hall of residence you live with other students in a friendly and supportive community. Some halls of residence are self-catered, however, some provide meals. There are options to have a private room or you may share a room or small apartment with others.

Facilities like showers and bathrooms are often shared. Depending on the hall, there may be a dining room for students, as well as shared spaces to relax and watch TV or play games like table tennis.

Costs depend on whether your hall is catered (you may get up to three daily meals) or whether you have to self-cater (provide and cook your own food). Some halls include power, internet, and phone costs or you might have to cover those costs.

Here are some average weekly costs for a hall of residence:

  • Victoria University of Wellington: $185 - $360 (ranging from self-catered to catered)
  • Massey University: $200 - $260 (self-catered)

222 Willis – open to all students

222 room

222 Willis is a private hall of residence option that is open to all tertiary students.

Students living there study at Massey and Victoria universities, as well as the Wellington Institute of Technology that owns the hall of residence, Whitireia New Zealand and other institutions.

If you know someone who is also moving to Wellington, you can apply to stay in the same section of this hall of residence.

The cost to stay at 222 Willis is $245 - $285 (self-catered).

Rental accommodation

study houses sharing

Renting an apartment or house is a popular accommodation option for international and local tertiary students.

From central city apartments to suburban houses with gardens, there are plenty of options. 

If you're interested in flat sharing or 'flatting', view the options on Trade Me or check noticeboards at your education institution or local supermarket. Your education institution may also be able to help you find a flat. 

Rental properties are regulated by the government in New Zealand, so you can have confidence dealing with landlords and property managers. 

The average weekly rent in a shared house or flat is $180 per week, with additional costs for food, power, phone and internet.

Other accommodation

Some schools provide on-site accommodation, known as a boarding house or hostel.

If you are looking to save money, you could consider a shared room in a hall of residence, shared housing or living outside the central city. Like any other city, the accommodation is usually cheaper the further away you are from the central city. There is excellent public transport available to get you around the wider Wellington Region.