Manidu Abeygunawardena (Dee)

International student Manidu moved from Colombo, Sri Lanka to study Global Business in Wellington

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About Manidu (Dee)

Name: Manidu Abeygunawardena (Dee) 

Age: 31 

School/institution: Studying Masters of Global Business at Victoria University of Wellington  

Home city and country: Colombo, Sri Lanka  

When you arrived in Wellington: November 2019 

What was the biggest cultural difference you noticed between your home country and Wellington/New Zealand?  

Being an individual. The main cultural difference I noticed was people in New Zealand like to be independent most of the time, whereas in my country most of the time people like to be together or in communities.  

What is your one top tip for someone coming to study in Wellington?  

Make sure you find an apartment or place to stay before you arrive so you have somewhere to live.

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What were your first impressions of Wellington as a city/region?  

A compact cute little city that makes you feel like walking always. 

What are the differences between your classes/tutors/lecturers/teacher here in Wellington compared to back home?  

In my country most of the time teachers spoon feed students. Whereas here they advise, clarify and let students do the research. 

Are you thinking of staying in Wellington after your studies to work? Why?

Yes, I will be staying after studies as I want to experience working in the corporate industry in Wellington. Besides, I love Wellington and the nature that surrounds the city more than any other place in New Zealand.

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Where is your favourite place to explore (be outside in nature?)  

There are so many places I would love to explore in Wellington. Almost every hiking track and mountain and hilltops are my favourite places to explore.

What about Wellington reminds you of home? 

Nature. The mountains and forests are the main things that reminds me of my little paradise that I call home.

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