Feel safe and at home here in Wellington

Wellington is one of the top 20 safest cities in the world

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Wellingtonians are some of the most welcome and accepting people you’ll ever meet. We love new people in our region and are quick to learn and celebrate different cultures, identities and abilities in our workplaces and personal communities.

Wellington has more than 80 nationalities represented in the region. We hold public celebrations for cultural holidays throughout the year including Matariki (the Māori New Year), Diwali and the Japan Festival.

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The 2019 Safe Cities report ranked Wellington 18th in the world for overall safety, equal with Zurich in Switzerland. The same report listed the capital city as 5th in the world for personal safety, alongside Singapore, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Our region prides itself on making sure everyone in our community feels safe and at home here.

We also have a thriving LGBTQI+ community, which is celebrated through the annual pride festival and other community-organised events throughout the year. All universities have an LGBTQI+ student club and some schools and universities have specialist services and staff members to assist LGBTQI+ students.

Universities and other education providers offer students healthcare services, counselling, course and career guidance, on-campus gyms and other student services to make sure you’re looked after while you’re here. These services often cost less than a visit to an off-campus provider depending on the type of service you need. All physical and mental health services can be accessed on-campus so appointments don’t get in the way of your classes.

Wellington also has over 200 trails around the region, some of them just 15 minutes from the Wellington city centre which are safe for you to explore. Reward yourself with a well-deserved study break and enjoy the fresh air on one of our incredible walks, runs or biking tracks.     

Student clubs are a key part of the student community in Wellington. There are numerous international student clubs, as well as food, arts, culture and political clubs you can join. These are a great way to meet new friends and find people who have similar interests as you. These clubs regularly run events, food stalls and other activities to engage with other students and their wider communities.

In New Zealand everyone is really friendly and helpful, no matter if you are lost in the streets or trying to make new friends.

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Entrance to Wellington Hospital in Newtown

Emergency Services

New Zealand has a free-to-call number 111, which will connect you the police, fire and ambulance services.

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