Halal visitors

Information about accommodation, restaurants and more for halal visitors while in Wellington


Almost all of Wellington's hotels are in the downtown area, so your clients are never far from the action. While halal visitors are welcome at all hotels, here are a few that are well-suited to cater to specific halal needs and can arrange halal food and prayer mats/markers if requested in advance:

Eating in Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand’s culinary capital, and all tastes are catered for. There are a range of South East Asian halal restaurants as well as a few western restaurants with halal food available on request:

Food Stores

If your clients would prefer to create their own culinary masterpiece, many local supermarkets sell halal brands which marked Halal on the packets. For halal certified meats, here are some food stores that stock halal food:

  • Wellington Halal Meats: 160 Riddiford Street, Newtown
  • Kiwi Halal Meats: 286 High Street, Lower Hutt

Islamic Centres and Masjid

There are four mosques around Wellington:

  • Wellington Masjid: 7 Queens Drive, Kilbirnie
  • Newlands Islamic Centre: 40 Bracken Road, Newlands
  • Lower Hutt Islamic Centre: 14-20 Hunter Street, Lower Hutt
  • Porirua Islamic Centre: 58-60 Waihora Crescent, Porirua

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