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Cruise information

From introducing tours to time in with ship schedules, or employing more staff to help cover double cruise ship days, the capital’s businesses should make the most of the cruise ship opportunities.

Did you know...

The cruise industry in Wellington

The 2019/20 cruise season will see 249,000 cruise ship passengers visit Wellington. This year is tracking to be our biggest season ever, which means great things for Wellington retailers and attractions. Last years season was worth $56 million to the local economy and this season is even bigger. 

Cruise passengers have just a few hours - usually from 8am to 6pm - to explore and experience the attractions, shopping and culture of Wellington. To make the most out of the cruise opportunity and build our reputation as a cruise-friendly destination, it's important that Wellington is prepared for these visitors.

Cruise ship schedule

For arrival and departure times, as well as number of passengers for each ship, be sure to check out the full schedule of ships coming into Wellington port this season. The New Zealand Cruise Association provides detailed information on the ship size and style, as well as passenger and crew numbers. 

Cruise schedules can change throughout the season, particularly due to weather conditions, so for more cruise information, please check CentrePort Wellington.

Shuttle locations

On several days, more than 5000 passengers will arrive on multiple ships meaning a new traffic plan has been put in place to improve the visitor experience of those being shuttled from their ships into the CBD. Find out more about the new cruise shuttle locations

Be cruise friendly!

The following tips and ideas can help retailers make the most out of the cruise season:

  • Place brochures at the cruise terminal - if you have flier for your business, the CentrePort Cruise Terminal has brochure racks and allows attractions and operators to display. More information is available from Victoria Hodson at CentrePort.
  • Create signs to put in your shop windows that encourage cruise ship passengers to come inside. Being able arrange postage, accept foreign currency or offer a special discount to cruise passengers could be great ways to entice them in and spend up a storm.
  • Staff up on peak days - there are several days this season when there will be two ships at port, which means double the action. It is worthwhile making a note of these days and making sure you have enough staff on to cover the extra number of visitors in town. 
  • Be aware of the dates when ships are departing late at night - try to keep your store open late to accommodate passengers who don't need to return to the ship until 10pm.
  • List your shop or attraction in the Wellington Visitor Guide - these are available in the terminal as passengers disembark the ship.
  • Last but not least, don't forget the crew. They are a key target too and have even less time ashore.