Four hockey players are on an exterior court. One is on the offense with the puck and two of her teammates are behind her. Another player from the other team is on the defense.

2024 Vantage National Masters Hockey Tournament

More than 100 teams and almost 2000 players will converge on Wellington for the 2024 Vantage National Masters Hockey Tournament.

The week-long event will see players aged 35 to 70-plus competing for national bragging rights in what is set to be the best contest yet.

Last year’s tournament held in Tauranga featured more than 90 teams, 1500 players and volunteers.

“Tauranga was a fantastic display of the passion and community in masters. We can’t wait to bring that same energy to Wellington for the 2024 event,” says Hockey New Zealand head of community Ken Maplesden.

Get ready to witness some of the country’s best players and legends of the game in a city known as a premier sporting event destination.