Mid shot of musician and comedian Bill Bailey in front of a white background filled with little red arrow icons, pointing in multiple directions.

Bill Bailey — Thoughtifier

  • Venue

    Michael Fowler Centre

  • Time


Come on a magical, musical mystery tour of the human mind. Much-loved comedian Bill Bailey will be pondering pressing matters about whales, biophilia, and unrequited love.

Bill thinks we could be sleepwalking into a world where humans are redundant, and much of what we do can be done more efficiently by machines. Celebrate our own flawed humanity with the star of well-known TV comedies ‘Black Books’, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, and ‘QI’.

‘Thoughtifier!’ takes us on a jaunt through the error-strewn, crumb-festooned, sometimes magnificent history of human thought. And of course, as usual, Bill does it with live music.