Boy & Bear, an Australian indie-folk band, promotional image for their Harlequin Dream 10-year Celebration Tour. The five band members are standing together on a rocky terrain.

Boy & Bear

  • Venue

    The Opera House

The album ‘Harlequin Dream’ was released in 2013 by indie-folk band Boy & Bear. It became critically acclaimed. A decade later, the band is celebrating its success by performing the album live. Hailed for its soulful melodies and lyrical depth, it remains a pivotal album in the band's discography. Boy & Bear’s live performances are legendary, earning them a reputation as one of Australia’s most outstanding live acts. This special show promises to be a nostalgic journey for fans who love their unique blend of indie-folk, coupled with soul-stirring vocals.

Boy & Bear’s evolution and dedication to their craft have garnered them a devoted global fan base. With over 200 million streams and five consecutive top-10 albums, this is the first time in their illustrious career they will treat fans to the full ‘Harlequin Dream’.