cartoon caricature of Carl barron wearing a blue shirt with a big bobble head.

Carl Barron

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    St James Theatre

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Funny stories from a bloke with a funny head – Carl Barron has been making audiences guffaw since 1993. One of the most accomplished comedians from Australia, Carl sold a mammoth 300,000 tickets to his previous tour. For his latest tour, ‘Skating Rink for Flies’, he applies his trademark brand of observational comedy. It’s gentle, relaxed, self-conscious, and sure to make you laugh.

After five years of waiting, Carl finally returns to Wellington. It will be a night where he ponders things we all think about but never mention. Things like plastic bags, peanut butter, and the possible emotions of an ant. Having headlined every major comedy venue and festival worldwide, no wonder Carl Barron is one of the most sought-after comedians worldwide.