Portrait of Dai Henwood with smoke and flames.

Dai Henwood DAI HARD

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    The Opera House

Eight years after his last show in Wellington, Dai Henwood is back – and he’s bringing friends. Joined by Justine Smith and Samantha Hannah, the trio will be hosting a night of comedy in the capital. 
With a 25-year comedy career, Dai’s CV and awards list is lengthy. From winning the acclaimed Billy T Award, The Fred Award (twice), to touring across the world. He’s also a familiar face in popular shows like ‘7 Days’, ‘Taskmaster NZ’, ‘Lego Masters’, and more. But his passion has always been live, stand-up comedy. 
Dai’s recent journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment have solidified the importance of performing live for the comedian. “It’s been a wild ride these last few years, and it’s something myself and my family are dealing with every day, but there is a special light and joy that comes from doing stand up and I can’t wait to do it back in my hometown”. 
Dai will be joined by Justine Smith (‘7 Days’, ‘The Project’, ‘Taskmaster NZ’), and local stand out comedian Samantha Hannah.  
$5 from every ticket will be donated to the Cancer Society, raising funds and awareness for the charity.