The actors from 'Lizzie the Musical' portray their characters posing in costume in front of a half-red half white wall.

Take a famous story, four women, a six-piece band, and a blistering rock score, and you’ve got a show. It's a recipe for a thrilling musical night out. ʻLizzie the Musical’ is the queer, punk-rock reimagining of a gripping true-crime case. 

An actress portrays Lizzie Borden from 'Lizzie the Musical' posing in costume, swinging an axe in front of a red velvet curtain.

In a sweltering summer in 1892, a wealthy businessman and his wife were found dead in their Massachusetts home. Their daughter, Lizzie Borden, was the prime suspect. Media at the time reported details of revenge, betrayal sex, and murder. It’s become part of American mythology. 

The story of axe-wielding Lizzie comes directly from London and the Sydney Festival to Wellington’s Circa Theatre. 

The musical, likened to a theatrical rock concert, explores the heated events leading up to Lizzie’s infamous trial. With its ‘live in concert’ format, high-octane performances, and a mischievous sense of humour, ‘Lizzie the Musical’ offers a modern theatre-going experience for audiences.

“A volcanic, quasi-operatic punk rock beat that captures the sense of female rage… and feels custom-made for the current climate.”

Chicago Sun Times