Luke Kidgell in a denim shirt, kicking one leg up towards the camera. Image is superimposed on a yellow background with a red spray painted smiley face.

Luke Kidgell

  • Venue

    The Opera House

  • Time


Luke Kidgell has amassed over 3 million fans online for his viral stand-up videos. His quick-witted and outrageous crowd interactions have proved popular. With four successful tours behind him, he brings his brand-new stand-up show Happy Hour to Wellington.

Luke started a YouTube channel in 2013 where his “you don’t own me” videos went viral. In the videos, Luke took a non-conformist approach to public signs and values with hilarious results. He is also known for co-hosting the Luke & Meg Podcast and for his multiple comedy specials online.

You’ve seen him on the internet, now it’s time to see him in real life, this is not one to miss.