An opera performer in a pink nun's habit, winking, with a beard of colourful butterflies surrounded by pink clouds. A promotional image for 'Le Compte Ory' playing at NZ Opera from 13-15 June 2024.

NZ Opera — Le comte Ory

Get ready for a rollercoaster of deception, flirtation, and intrigue. NZ Opera’s production of 'Le comte Ory' promises to be a whirlwind of silly and sublime. Composed by Rossini, the comedy sparkles with 1820s pizzazz and beautiful tunes.

Count Ory, a guy who’s all heart but totally clueless in love, has set his sights on Countess Adèle. The countess has no interest in him at all. Meanwhile, the trusty page, Isolier, has his own grand plans for the countess. The wonderfully irreverent farce culminates in a 14-minute bedroom scene for three. Throw in some men dressed up as nuns and it’s operatic comedy at its best.