NZSO: Music of John Williams with Anne-Sophie Mutter

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John Williams’ repertoire includes some of the most beloved and well-known musical scores in cinema history, such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, and ‘Jurassic Park’. All the way through to the more recent ‘War Horse’ and the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy.

He is the composer behind some of the most recognisable movie music, including ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ in ‘Harry Potter’ and the terrifying, two-note, ‘Main Title’ score from ‘Jaws’.

Dario Acosta

Anne-Sophie Mutter and John Williams.

Wellingtonians who have enjoyed and grown up listening to Williams’ music will have the unique chance to hear his iconic scores being performed by great Kiwi talents and international stars. The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will perform alongside one of the world’s greatest violinists, and also Williams’ long-time collaborator Anne-Sophie Mutter.

A Grammy Award-winning virtuoso, Mutter’s performance will include a variety of Williams’ famed movie scores, as well as Williams’ ‘Violin Concerto No. 2’, which he wrote especially for Anne-Sophie. These performances will be conducted by Gemma New, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s Artistic Advisor and Principal Conductor.