New Zealand comedian, Pax Assadi, posing with his index finger over his lips for to promote his stand-up comedy show 'Secrets'.

Pax Assadi — Secrets

  • Venue

    The Opera House

Pax Assadi began doing stand-up comedy in 2012. As a teenager, he sold vacuum cleaners, so it wasn’t too much of a jump skill-wise to become a comedian. A year later he was nominated for a Billy T Award. Now the Kiwi comic is bringing his Show ‘Secrets’ to The Opera House in Wellington. 

Born and raised in New Zealand, Pax is the son of immigrant parents. This brings a unique perspective to his personal stories and funny observations about life. The mix is sure to have you thinking as much as laughing. 

Pax has also appeared on local television shows Including TV One's panel show ‘Word Up’, TV 3's ‘7 Days’, Maori TV's ‘Crack Up’, and critically acclaimed ‘Brown Eye’.