The four members of When the Cat's Away, a New Zealand female vocal group, supergroup and covers band formed in 1985, wearing black standing in front of a fuchsia-coloured screen.

When the Cat’s Away

  • Venue

    Michael Fowler Centre

They’re considered national treasures. When the Cat’s Away are reuniting, reviving their megahits and hitting the road. Four of the founding members of this nostalgic band are heading to Michael Fowler Centre in April. 

Any Kiwi who listened to music in the 80s and 90s will know the sounds of this beloved band. Their ‘Melting Pot Tour’ in 1988—89 was the biggest tour in New Zealand music history at the time. It played to over 85,000 people across one summer. You’ll get to hear the hits like ‘Melting Pot’, ‘Asian Paradise’, and ‘Leader of the Pack’. 

The concert will also see them reunited with their old friends Herbs, whose hits like ‘French Letter’ and ‘Nuclear Waste’ provided the soundtrack to the anti-nuclear movement in the 80s.