Pathway Connect

Connect, learn and get advice from international students studying in tertiary education within the Wellington region

The Pathway Connect Programme is an opportunity for international secondary students within the Wellington region to connect with international tertiary students who are studying in the region.

Gain real insights from someone who has transitioned into New Zealand education, understand what it's like to settle into tertiary education, the opportunities, the challenges and what life is like.

How it works

Secondary students and tertiary students need to register for the programme via the forms below. You will then be matched and introduced with your pathway match.

Once introduced, you and your pathway match will organise when, how (first meeting at the secondary student’s school or via zoom) and the date you will meet.

What can you discuss?

Secondary students: This is your chance to gain insights from international tertiary students on how they transitioned into tertiary education.

Tertiary students: This is your chance to share your knowledge on what it was like as an international student moving into tertiary study.

Discussions might include:

  • The student journey into tertiary education
  • Challenges, solutions and achievements
  • What helped the international student settle into life within tertiary education 
  • Studying tips for when the secondary student is at university or another tertiary institute
  • What other experiences did the tertiary student get involved in that they think might be helpful for

Register as a secondary student participant

Are you a current international secondary student in the Wellington region? Please register for the programme below.

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Register as a tertiary mentor participant

Are you an international tertiary student studying in the Wellington region? Would you like to be one of our mentors for international secondary students? Please register via the link below.

Note – To become a mentor, you need to be currently studying within the Wellington region.

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I was once a mentee and now that I am a mentor I find it valuable to help them prepare before they take up the challenge of tertiary student life

Tomasito Cabarles - mentor

More information

My mentor, also Chinese, has helped me answer questions about how university works.

Read about Keyu's experience

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