Providing a voice for international students

Since launching in 2021, the National Ambassadors Programme has formed a community connecting and supporting international students in the Wellington region and nationally

The programme was launched by WellingtonNZ to provide a voice for international students, connect them within the local community, and foster their wellbeing.

The student-led programme saw 38 secondary and tertiary students participating in the pilot programme. There were several highlights in the programme which show the national ambassadors' dedication towards the international student community.

Connecting international students regionally and nationally

Aotea College organised a badminton tournament in their school. It was joined by the international and domestic students in Aotea College. It was a wonderful event to connect the international students in the school to the local community through a fun sports competition.

Wellington East Girls’ College national ambassador collaborated with Wellington College national ambassador to organise a study session for international and domestic students so that they have a safe space to connect and study together. They will continue to organise regular study sessions next year as well.

Wainuiomata High School national ambassadors organised a farewell gift event for their teachers because most of the international students in their school will be leaving New Zealand. The Wainuiomata High School ambassadors used the funds to buy gifts. It was a great effort from the ambassadors to connect and strengthen the relationship between the international students and their teachers in their school.

Providing a voice and fostering wellbeing

The Whitireia and WelTec ambassadors have set up the first international students club in Whitireia and WelTec with the help of the institution’s international students staff. They are in the setting up stage this year. They will start the recruitment process and organising events in early 2022. The club will focus on connecting the international students to one another and the local community, fostering their wellbeing and providing a voice for them.

The tertiary national ambassadors have started a podcast series to discuss topics related to the international student community in Wellington Region. It is a way to provide a voice for international students to discuss their struggles as an international student in Wellington region. They recorded their podcast on Wellington Access Radio. They have posted their first podcast episode on their Youtube channel. The podcast series is accessible to all international and domestic students.

I am happy to have talked to brilliant minds from different cultures and make great things together.

National Ambassador

Marketing and creating awareness of the programme

The national ambassadors had a voting session to choose the Wellington Region National Ambassadors Programme's official logo design in November. The most voted design was designed by a national ambassador from Wellington Girls’ College. The logo will be used in promotion and marketing materials for the programme.

The tertiary ambassadors filmed and posted an introductory video for the National Ambassadors Programme on their social media account. The video is used to introduce the programme to the students in Wellington and create awareness of the existence of the programme.

I have learnt to connect and rely on other team members in a group project - also planning figures. I have also learnt that there are a lot more things that come with international students.

National Ambassadors

End of year celebration

Study in Wellington organised the end of year celebration event to celebrate the national ambassadors’ hard work and dedication towards the programme. The event was held at Tussock Bar and Café on 11 December 2021.

During the event, we had several fun activities such as a reflection session, special video presentation from international directors and Sarah Grant, lucky draw session and dinner. The ambassadors were given individual certificates to recognise their participation in the programme. We hope that the students enjoyed the event and felt more encouraged to continue their work next year.

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