Interactive classes hold interest in learning

The Kiwi style of learning suits Wellington Girls’ College year 12 student Jasmine Yip

About Jasmine

Name: Jasmine Yip
Age: 16
School/institution: Year 12 at Wellington Girls' College
Home city and country: Hong Kong  

What was the biggest cultural difference you noticed between your home country and Wellington/New Zealand? 

New Zealanders are more hospitable and open-minded. Their lifestyle is balanced and is a relatively slower pace. New Zealand is also a more diverse country with the indigenous Māori people and other people from all over the world living here.  

What are the differences between your classes/teachers here in Wellington compared to back home?  

Classes are more interactive; teachers often arrange group activities related to the curriculum. They focus more on the well-being of students instead of academic results. Compared to the spoon-feeding teaching style, competitive and stressful school environment back home, I much prefer studying in Wellington as it has allowed me to maintain an interest in learning. 

Are you thinking of staying in Wellington to study after college at a university or tertiary institution? Why? 

Yes. I have already got used to the schooling system and culture in Wellington, which really suit me.  

What is one of your best Wellington memories?

One of the best memories was a Geography field trip to Wairarapa where we visited the iconic Castlepoint, walked up to the hill and saw a spectacular view, visited the vineyards and farm. The trip was really memorable for me.  

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