Thriving in vibrant and welcoming Wellington

Afrina Razi moved from Malaysia to study at Massey University and is now loving the working culture in Wellington

About Afrina

Name: Afrina Razi
Age: 24 
School/institution: Massey University, Wellington
Home city and country: Malaysia
Arrived in Wellington: January 2020

What was the biggest cultural difference you noticed between your home country and Wellington/New Zealand?

Wellington is amazing for being accepting of whoever you are and how you present yourself.

What is your one top tip for someone coming to study in Wellington?

Come study in Wellington and bring along your best raincoat and windbreaker jacket. On a side note, nothing beats Wellington on a good day!

What were your first impressions of Wellington as a city/region?

Wellington is such a vibrant and welcoming city.

What are the differences between your classes/tutors/lecturers/teachers here in Wellington compared to home?

There is great interaction between lecturers and students. The lecturers are very understanding and helpful with any study needs. I love that the lecturers give us the freedom to explore more on our own interest, provided it is within the scope of the courses.

Are you planning to stay in Wellington after your studies to work? Why?

I am staying in Wellington after my studies to work here and gain more experience. I love the working culture here, especially the work-life balance.

Have you participated in any Study in Wellington programmes? If so, what were the benefits for you?

I have participated in the Employer Connect Programme where we were given the opportunity to meet employers in the Wellington workplace. I met other international students and have built a great network with employers. I have also landed a part-time job at a digital production company through the Employer Connect Programme.

Aside from the Employer Connect Programme, I am participating in Work Ready in Wellington to help me in the job-hunting process. The first few sessions have been very informative and great.

What is your favourite thing to do in Wellington?

The music scene in Wellington is amazing. Going to gigs and taking photos is my favourite thing to do. Having food by the beach is a great thing to do as the views are amazing!

What is your favourite Wellington meal/place to eat?

Fidel’s Café and Pranah Café are the best cafés that I have been to in Wellington.

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