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Application process & tips

So you want to work in Wellington? Before you start applying for jobs, read up on how the job application process is done here.

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Research the job market

When you start your job search, you should take a look at the jobs on offer in Wellington to see what’s happening with the job market.

We also have many career opportunities in our high-performing and talented areas of business.

You should also take a look at Immigration New Zealand’s Guide to Kiwi Workplaces to see if you’d enjoy our laid back yet professional work culture.

Write a winning CV

Kiwi employers typically expect a brief but formal CV, but don’t expect you to detail every job you've ever had. Featuring the most relevant and most recent is a good guide and most information can be provided in a bullet point format. Key points to include are:

  • Date you worked for the company
  • Job Title
  • Key Achievements
  • Key Duties

Even if you've taken time off from your career to pursue parenthood, travel adventures or volunteer projects, ensure that you include this information too. Life experience is taken into account when applying for a position.

If asked, make sure you include a cover letter with your CV and application – consider this your chance to sell yourself on one page.

Careers NZ has some helpful information on what Kiwi employers expect from your CV and cover letter.

Trade Me Office 3 Wellington successes

Prepare for an interview

Employers will get in touch with you if they would like to interview you. Make sure you’re prepared for your interview by researching the company and their business activities.

You could also try practicing typical interview questions – many interviewers will ask scenario questions and personality questions to see if you would work well in their team.

Accept an offer

Your employer will probably offer you the job over the phone, then send or email your employment agreement to you. 

Make sure you understand employment law in New Zealand or consult a professional for advice before signing your contract. 

Ask for feedback

If you missed out on the job, feel free to ask your interviewer for feedback on your interview so you can improve for the next one.

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