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Applying for work

Before applying for work in New Zealand, take time to understand the job application process. We might do things differently here.

Research the job market

Science Sector

When starting your search, take a look at a selection of the jobs on offer in Wellington to see what’s happening with the job market.

We have identified six key work sectors in Wellington, although skills shortages may exist in other sectors as well. See Immigration New Zealand's website for a full list of the short and long term skill shortages in New Zealand.

Write a winning CV

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New Zealand employers typically expect a brief but formal curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé. Tailor it to include your most relevant and most recent work experience. Information can be provided in a bullet point format.


  • Date you worked for the company
  • Job title
  • Key duties
  • Key achievements

Life experience is taken into consideration when applying for a position. If you have taken time off from your career to pursue parenthood, travel adventures or volunteer projects, you can include this information as well.

Many job applications require a cover letter to accompany your CV. This is a chance to sell yourself on one page and match your skills and experience to the position being advertised.

Careers NZ has helpful information on CV writing and what New Zealand employers are looking for in your CV and cover letter.

Prepare for your interview

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Employers will usually contact you by email or phone if they would like to interview you. Interviews are usually face-to-face in person or via video call, especially if you live overseas.

Some companies may require more than one interview as they shortlist candidates for the position and may also require assessment tasks and psychometric evaluations as part of the interview process.

Before any interview, make sure you are prepared by researching the company and their business activities.

Careers NZ has helpful information on interviewing for a job in New Zealand.

Accepting an offer

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Your employer will probably offer you the job over the phone, then email your employment agreement to you.

Make sure you understand employment law in New Zealand or consult a professional for advice before signing your contract.

If you are unsuccessful in the job interview, most employers will be happy to provide feedback so you can improve your techniques for the next interview.