Working in Wellington connects you to the world

Wellington may sit at the edge of world, but it’s at the heart of technology, science, and research and development innovation.

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Wellingtonians are some of the first in the world to see the dawn of a new day, so it makes sense that we’re one-step ahead when it comes to research, tech and innovation.

Wellington is more than just a hub for high-profile movie makers (although we have quite a few of those around too). Our tech and science companies and start-ups are becoming internationally recognised driving more business, and global partners to the capital city.

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We’re a high-tech capital, with many of New Zealand’s key national research institutes basing themselves in the region, including GNS Science, NIWA, the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research and the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. Not to mention the headquarters of the national research and development government agency Callaghan Innovation is also here in Wellington

Feeding into these leading research and tech sectors are multiple universities and technological institutes. Our universities are rated in the top 3% in the world and are leaders in quality research.

Wellington businesses, universities and government agencies also work together in order to achieve more. Collaboration between all sectors helps remove red tape and make it easier to get industry-leading work done, that’s why Wellington is always ahead of the game.

Despite having everything you need within walking distance in Wellington, the city’s airport also connects you to the rest of New Zealand and globally. With more than 130 international and domestic flights each day, coming and going from Wellington has never been so easy.

But we’re unsure why you’d ever need to leave. Wellington is home to industry-leading technology, top-quality research facilities and some of the greatest creative and entrepreneurial minds around. If you’re ready to innovate, Wellington is here to support you.

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