Collaborative workspaces keep the lights on at FLICK ELECTRIC CO

With innovation and disruption at the centre of what they do, Flick Electric Co don’t just need a workspace, they need headspace. So that’s just the environment they set out to create for themselves at their Kent Terrace office.

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Despite the Flick Electric team growing from five to 85 members since 2014, co-founder and CEO Steve O’Connor says they’re still a “scrappy upstart”, a place where people are in the game to make a difference.

“It takes a lot of energy (excuse the pun!) to keep a digital organisation humming, so our management team is focused on getting our people what they need to do great work,” Steve says.

When they moved to Kent Terrace in December 2016, they wanted the office to allow for as much brainstorming, collaboration and workshops as possible.

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This meant dedicating the first floor of the office to collaborative workspaces. Meeting pods, whiteboard walls, high chairs, low chairs, couches and bean bags are all available to ‘Flicksters’ to think and work hard. And, when big thinkers need time to recharge, there’s a selection of board games to provide some much-needed respite.

In addition to the physical workspace, Flick has all the basics covered to help their team manage their work/life balance. From fresh fruit to weekly free yoga and massages, they’re committed to making sure all staff are feeling their best each day. This also includes taking time for the daily five-minute quiz and waiata practice every week.

“We’ve put our own spin on agile and combined what works for us from a bunch of disciplines to make Flick HQ as collaborative and inviting as we can,” Steve says.

The company’s commitment to a fair, honest and transparent energy market extends to the people working in the sector. Proudly a living wage company from the very beginning, Flick’s committed to making sure their insides match their outsides.

“That starts with paying people fairly, and it goes right across the business and includes who we partner with as well as the little things like having the right type of milk to go in your bloody good (depending on your barista skills) coffee. Blue top, soy, almond. We sweat the small stuff, so our teams can keep fighting for a fairer world.”

Steve says they’re working to address the big problems like energy poverty and inequality, so their digital products must be up to scratch.

“We know it’s hard out there for Kiwi families and everything we do is about giving them better choices. The energy market’s full of inertia, incumbents and inefficiencies so every day we work to untangle that mess and give Kiwis power over their power,” Steve says.

The team happily engages in watercooler debate, which regularly ranges from product development to structural inequalities and climate change. Life at Flick is all about thinking deeply, caring lots and doing the right thing. It also helps that there are some four-legged superstars on the team like: Lloyd (Swedish Valhund), Milton (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and Charlie (Yorkshire cross with Border Terrier) helping to keep things chill.

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Blue top, soy, almond. We sweat the small stuff, so our teams can keep fighting for a fairer world.

Steve O’Connor, Flick co-founder and CEO

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