Wellington’s pioneering business leaders

Wellington is full of world leaders and game changers, it’s no wonder we’re considered New Zealand’s Creative Capital.

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Creativity isn’t just reserved for the arts here in Wellington. The heart of New Zealand government, tech start-ups, innovation and ground-breaking research & development, the Wellington region is home to big thinkers, entrepreneurs and people who dare to do things differently.

Wellingtonians will always find an inventive approach to get things done. Innovation is in our DNA and whether it’s research and development, technology start-ups, design or film, the world looks to Wellington for what big idea is coming next.

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While we’re tucked away at the bottom of New Zealand’s North Island, we’re not working in isolation. Wellington’s business community thrives on collaboration in the region, nationally and internationally. Industry leaders within Wellington are not hesitant to use each other to build products and solutions. Not to mention our time zone differences with the rest of the world make it easy to check in with different teams and partners all over the globe.

Wellington’s wild thinkers are finding solutions to real world problems – if there’s a gap in the market, we are ready to fill it. Just look at tech start-ups Hnry, Sharesies and JRNY who are taking the financial sector by storm. Their mission is adapting to a changing, flexible workforce and making sure good financial decision-making is accessible to the everyday person, and they’re growing from strength-to-strength.

Boosted by funders and incubators like Creative HQ and Callaghan Innovation, Wellington is a region that builds up creative thinkers and is dying to see their next wild idea (and sometimes even dying to fund it).

Wellington also boasts New Zealand's most educated and highest paid workforce. The creative thinking of our business leaders is complemented by the talented people they recruit and the work culture they foster to make sure they’re getting the best out of their teams and bringing the best products and research to market.

Wellington is a place where start-up companies flourish, wild ideas are encouraged, and never-been-done-before business ideas can get off the ground.

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