Summer of Tech providing incredible work insights

Our Summer of Tech internships are in full swing and the organisations and students involved are having some amazing experiences together.

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Summer of Tech has been pairing tertiary students with Wellington’s technology industry for more than a decade with the idea of giving the next generation of innovators a look into what tech industry jobs involve.

For the 2019/20 summer programme, Summer of Tech has placed 230 students into paid internships at 77 Wellington regional organisations.

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Summer of Tech CEO Trent Mankelow says making an investment in the next generation is vital to seeing the industry grow in Wellington and employers are reaping the benefits of having students in their spaces.

“We know it takes a commitment to bring someone on board but the organisations who sign on are blown away with the quality of interns they’re bringing on board.”

Tim Grubb, CEO of Haunt Digital, has used Summer of Tech for a few years now and says the process allows them to find interns who are a great fit for their office.

"It takes care of the whole end-to-end thing, and it gives you access to really talented students. The people we've employed through Summer of Tech have been amazing, and now some of the people who we employed several years ago through Summer of Tech are senior developers in our company.”

Tertiary student Lily Holder-McFlinn got the opportunity to work as a Developer Intern with Wellington tech platform Sharesies, who now have 80k customers and $141 million invested through their platform. 

"It was a really helpful process. It's really hard to go out there and get internships on your own, because it's all about connections. I feel like Summer of Tech gives you a really good, equal shot at getting an internship. It was awesome!"

"I'm getting a real insight into what life is like as a developer. I'm going to meetings every day and I'm working on things that are released into production when I code."

SoT Claudia Field Tariq Saiyad interns with Tim Grubb

Vivian Xu, a Software Engineer Intern at Pushpay, says Summer of Tech offers an opportunity for students that you can’t find anywhere else.

“I don't think there's any other space in New Zealand where you can get so many companies and students in one place and you can apply for so many companies in one go. I would highly recommend it."

Summer of Tech interns will finish up their work by the end of February. 

Student registrations for the 2020/21 summer programme will open in March and employer registrations will open in May.

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