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The Wellington lifestyle

You'd be hard pressed to find a more creative and diverse city where it’s easy to get around and with so many outdoor activities just minutes away. A passionate sporting culture, a vibrant music scene and award winning cuisine and coffee make it easy to love Wellington.

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The great outdoors

Getting outdoors in Wellington is easy, with walking and biking tracks, a sparkling harbour and waterfront precinct just a short wander away. We've also got 102 playgrounds and parks in the city, and almost all residents live within 3km of the coastline.

So whether it’s on a lunchtime jog around the city, watching or playing sports, or on a weekend bush walk with the family, Wellingtonians love getting outdoors.

Education capital

Wellington has have an international reputation for high quality education, and many of the primary and secondary schools here and around the country are state-funded. 

We have a wide variety of both private and public schools and we're home to some of the best public secondary schools and tertiary education providers in the country, making us a popular destination for ambitious and creative students from around the world.

Our greatest asset is our well educated, worldly and skilled people – in fact, Wellingtonians are better educated than the average New Zealander.

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Culinary haven

Wellington is heaven for foodies, known for artisan food markets and culinary festivals, and home to more cafes, bars and restaurants per capita than New York City.

We’re proud of our reputation for world-class coffee, quality craft beer and our wine country just to the north of the city. Sitting between the ocean and rich farmland, we have all the ingredients of a true culinary capital.


Wellington’s event calendar is packed full of good times. From major international sports matches, spectacular concerts and food festivals, to exhibitions, family events and community celebrations, there's no shortage of exciting events to keep you entertained.


Living in Wellington means easy access to high quality, modern healthcare. New Zealand’s comprehensive public healthcare system is well equipped and trusted, and our national ACC scheme provides no-fault personal injury insurance cover to all residents. Pair that with our active lifestyles, and some of the lowest air pollution in the world, and you can be confident your family can live a healthy life in Wellington

Love life in Wellington

We’re a small city on the world scale but we are proud to live in Wellington, and consider it a safe and rewarding place to call home.

The Nielsen Quality of Life Survey, released in October 2014, measures the perceptions of residents living in six of the country’s largest urban areas. Wellington came out on top across most categories. Some of our favourite results:

  • 92% agree or strongly agree that Wellington is a great place to live
  • 89% of Wellingtonians have pride in the city’s look and feel (10% higher than national average)
  • 80% are satisfied with life in general in Wellington (highest percentage in New Zealand)

The BBC and Vogue Magazine are also big fans of Wellington, with the BBC naming Wellington one of the "hottest cities" to visit in 2015, and Vogue reporting that Wellington has become "a locavore’s dream" thanks to our coffee, food, and cocktail scenes.

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