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Employment law

Kiwi employers look after their staff and make sure employees are treated fairly and with equal opportunities. You'll find welcoming and respectful workplaces in Wellington where you can thrive, as well as plenty of time off to spend with family to take well deserved holidays.

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Employment agreements

Every employee in New Zealand should receive a written employment agreement from their employers. This will detail your hours of work, remuneration and your obligations as a worker. It will also tell you how much time you get for holidays.

You should read this thoroughly before signing or seek the advice of a professional to make sure everything is in order.

Employee leave

All employees are entitled to take leave from work in New Zealand - which is great for when you want to spend time with friends and family, or exploring your new city. Your employment agreement will detail how much leave you will get depending on your hours of work.

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Equal opportunities

Wellington and New Zealand prides itself on equal employment opportunities and fair treatment at work.

New Zealand works hard to create workplaces free from gender inequality and the WEF Gender Gap Report 2013 ranked New Zealand 7th globally for having the lowest gender gap.

In New Zealand, employees also have the right to join a union which is an organisation that focuses on protecting and helping workers and improving working conditions.

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