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Working culture

Our working culture may be a bit different to what you’re used to, but a Wellington workplace is a welcoming environment where fitting in is easy.

Professional but informal

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Wellington workplaces have a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We respect our workmates and enjoy getting to know one another. But we are also committed to meeting targets and producing results.

Few professional workplaces have clock-in/out work hours and institute a formal dress code. High levels of trust are given to staff who take personal responsibility for their work and are committed to producing results.


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Smaller teams and flatter organisational structures mean people need to work together and be flexible in order to meet project goals. This kind of environment also provides learning and development opportunities, as you may be expected to take responsibility and plan your work, rather than following instructions.

Within your team, regardless of your position, you’ll probably be encouraged to take the initiative on different projects and may need to work outside of your specific area of expertise. 

Work/life balance

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While availability outside of normal working hours is generally expected at key times and in particular roles, New Zealand businesses understand the strong relationship between productivity and a healthy work/life balance.  

Enabling a positive work/life balance is considered essential to getting the most out of employees, by ensuring they remain motivated, energised and inspired to succeed.

Thanks to Wellington’s abundance of culture, cuisine and outdoor activities, it’s easy to enjoy a great lifestyle while living and working in the capital city.

Smaller scale

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Our workplaces will probably be smaller than what you’re used to. Because of our smaller company sizes we typically have close relationships with our colleagues and managers. Expect your coworkers to use your first name, celebrate your birthday, enquire about your interests, family, and ask what you did on the weekend. It’s also common for workmates to socialise together, whether over drinks after work, a lunchtime jog, or even a weekend barbecue.


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While organisational formality will differ depending on work sector and role within a company, you may find fewer layers of management and a less hierarchical organisational structure in your New Zealand workplace.  Your ideas and contributions are welcomed no matter what your position and you will be encouraged to get involved in discussions and decision-making. ‘Open door’ policies are also popular, encouraging honest and transparent communication between employees and managers.

Many office layouts are open plan, meaning we work at desks in shared spaces as opposed to private offices.


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As New Zealand’s creative and cultural heart, Wellington is home to some of the most inspiring workplaces in the country. Take a look at how some of the capital’s companies are taking an innovative approach to both their office spaces and work culture in our Office Cribs series, or browse through Wellington's co-working spaces.