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Inside a cinema inside Embassy Theatre. The large auditorium has high vaulted ceilings,  art deco reliefs on the walls and a large projection screen with open teal curtains.

The Embassy Theatre is a historic landmark building built in 1926 and refurbished in 2003. This was in time for the Embassy to hold the world premiere of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’. Since then, the theatre has hosted an array of Australasian premieres. Many of Wellington’s finest film and art festivals utilise this space with up to 750 guests. 

A bar with two workers standing behind the counter, wine glasses lined up on the bar.

The restoration was faithful to its origins of the last century yet adapted to the modern day. While the building still holds its historic value, modern additions include a giant CinemaScope screen, a state-of-the-art sound system, and luxury seating. 

Many original fine features remain in The Embassy. The marble staircase, tiled foyers, and plastered ceilings will impress. 

The theatre has three auditoriums, including boutique theatres, and the notable Grand Cinema. Opening its doors to hosting events, the Embassy also has flexible areas for breakout sessions, dining, and networking. These areas include Blondini’s Café, North Lounge, and the Black Sparrow Bar. The theatre can serve innovative food and beverage concepts to impress any audience. Whatever event you host, the Embassy Theatre will create a corporate event, crafted for your needs.

A lounge area with brown carpets a small stage with a microphone set up in one corner and a seating area with small tables and armchairs.


  • The Grand Theatre, built in 1924, is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2024. The building is a prominent and iconic venue in Wellington. Maintaining its classic design, the building has adapted to modern technology. 
  • The Grand Theatre features Dolby Atmos, an impressive 36-speaker surround sound system. 
  • Large screens, modern technology, and comfortable seats provide an experience like no other in this unique venue.
A lounge space with brown carpets an arch leading to a hallway and a seating area with small tables and armchairs.

Rooms available

Spaces Theatre Banquet Cabaret Cocktail Classroom Boardroom Booths
Grand Theatre 758       758    
Cinema 2 70       70    
Cinema 3 70       70    
Black Sparrow Bar   50 40 140   30 6
North Lounge & Blondini’s   60 50 600   40 10