The view of Wellington city from Mount Victoria at sunset.

Why you should work in Wellington

It’s people who make a city, and Wellington is home to people from all walks of life, people who are following their dreams, at their own pace, backed by a community to support and drive them, and opportunities to grow.

Wellington offers genuine pathways to success and stimulation, alongside world-class culture, hospitality, events and nature. New Zealand’s cultural and creative capital is a place of opportunity and a place where everyone belongs.

Before you make the move to Wellington, take a look at this basic checklist and do some homework to alleviate any stress and hassles. The New Zealand Immigration website is jam-packed with useful information to help get you settled as well,

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The capital is a connected and collaborative place to live a life of ease and balance, a city — and region — where you can truly have it all.

The city’s creative spirit fosters innovation and success, attracting different people for many individual reasons.

From the creatively inclined to culinary leaders, tech enthusiasts, filmmakers, game developers, beer brewers, academics, and social entrepreneurs, in Wellington you can be yourself. Reach great heights in different industries, locally and globally, in your own way, at your own speed.

And it doesn’t have to mean spending 40 hours a week behind a desk. Flexible hours, state-of-the-art offices, and social work cultures mean going to work becomes less of a chore and more of a fun way to spend your day.

Career opportunities are in abundance in a city that prides itself on trying something new. Wellington offers thousands of exciting possibilities regardless of your background, with career pathways, internships, and graduate programmes to help you propel your career.

The capital has many strong industries: tech/fintech, gaming, screen, food and beverage, and hospitality in particular. Wellington is home to New Zealand’s public sector, which makes up 17% of the city’s workforce. Wellington also boasts world-class education institutes, creators of Hollywood blockbuster films, and a flourishing information and technology industry.

Wellington truly is a place where startup companies thrive, wild ideas are encouraged, and business ventures can get off the ground.