On set of a movie at Avalon Studios in Lower Hutt where they are filming inside a car, with purple lighting surrounding.

Our focus

Exponential growth in screen technology has expanded the way we make and interact with visual stories. Interactive and immersive screen technologies already contribute to advancements beyond storytelling.

This is an opportunity to explore new ways to use screen technology to enhance our world and contribute to a more sustainable, liveable city.

Our plans

  • To ensure Wellington is seen as a hub for future screen technology innovation.
  • Explore the diversity of stories through interactive/immersive screen experiences.
  • Cross over applications to improve our world and contribute to the Sustainable Development Agenda.
  • Provide more diversity in specialised technology fields.

Our actions

We are working in tandem with the tech sector, archives, museums and filmmakers on an augmented reality (AR) film heritage trail. The trail will connect people with Wellington’s rich and diverse film history.

We know Wellington is world-renowned for its blockbusters and international productions. But there is another layer of local, indigenous, and historically significant visual stories. The “AR virtual museum” can help uncover these stories.

The project takes the idea of a film museum to the streets. An AR platform will allow residents and visitors to interact with the stories behind our stories, in the places they happened.

The project’s development aligns with the United Nations Sustainability Agenda 2030. It involves significant stakeholders and the community in a co-design process. The build will also include jobs and skills development for our city’s young people. In particular, those from previously underserved and underrepresented groups.