A person using a video camera with microphone.

Our focus

Through UNESCO, there is an opportunity for New Zealand to better understand and connect with its place in the Pacific.

Pacific nations are uniquely linked to New Zealand through migrated communities. There are myriad opportunities to connect to our wider sub-Pacific region. Through knowledge sharing and storytelling, we can connect to our Pacific neighbours.

Wellington City of Film, in partnership with Wellington’s Pasifika community, can help widen access to skills and technology to amplify the stories and storytellers of the Pacific.

Our plans

  • Through visual storytelling, build an understanding of our place in the Pacific and strengthen the place of Pacific peoples in Wellington and Aotearoa.
  • Enable more Pasifika people in their region to tell their stories via screen and innovative screen technology.

Our actions

We partnered with creative screen tech firm VAKA to create a programme for Māori and Pasifika screen creatives wanting to be their own boss. Called IGNITION 101, it involves workshops, a business boot camp, and mentoring.

The workshops provide real-world experience and business opportunities, and have proved hugely successful.

They focus on networking, identifying client solutions, deal-making and closing. Workshops also cover the nuts and bolts of running a small creative business. In each session, participants hear from other Māori and Pasifika entrepreneurs. Speakers are from a variety of screen-related fields and have a wealth of insights. They cover a range of topics, from developing creative content to protecting intellectual property.

This pilot programme includes a year-long mentoring component. Industry mentors provide students with ongoing support and guidance. We can’t wait to see how peer support springboards them as entrepreneurs.

Find out more about VAKA