Zone 1: Time Vortex Corridor

Your visit to the exhibition will start by walking through a replica TARDIS doorway. There are moving, swirling lights on the floor in this area and an audio soundtrack plays. The lights and sounds will be reduced during Relaxed Viewings and the house lights are kept on low. If you wish to avoid the lights, please speak to a member of staff — it may be possible to go in through the exit instead.

Two people approaching an archway that resembles the Doctor Who Tardis. The door way is navy blue and has a light up sign on top that reads Police Public Call Box.

Zone 2: Exhibition introduction and the TARDIS Control Room

Zone 2 contains an introduction video that plays for 3 minutes and 36 seconds. It is narrated by Mark Gatiss featuring clips from the TV series. All films in the exhibition have subtitles and a yellow horizontal progress bar, indicating the length of time remaining in the video.

TARDIS sound clips play between screenings of the film. There is no seating available here.

Three people smiling as they stand inside the Tardis control room. The room has green walls, and the person in the middle is pointing at a glass box on the control panel.

Zone 2 also has a reconstruction of the first TARDIS control panel. It has barriers around it as touching it is not allowed. Some of the wall panels are shiny and can reflect the light.

Zone 3: TARDIS Tech Room

This zone features some of the robots including a humanoid android with an exposed eyeball. It also features futuristic technology used in Doctor Who, including K9 the robotic dog. There is a video playing next to a small seating area with round ottomans, and another video about the TARDIS with handheld speakers.

There are different coloured lights on the floor throughout this zone (yellow, blue, orange, and purple). It also includes a model of the TARDIS.

A person crouching over and looking at metal robots that are part of an exhibit. The room has red walls and orange flooring.

Following this area there are three sound domes hanging from the ceiling which play different sound effects. One sounds like an alarm, and it can be very noisy. You can avoid these by staying to the left-hand side of the exhibition. Earplugs and earmuffs are available for use, just ask the exhibition staff.

Zone 4: Cosmic Curiosities

On the left-hand side of this zone is a row of digital touchscreens with an ‘Exploring the Cosmos’ timeline. These have no sound. There are other touchscreens in this area which have hand-held speakers. There is also an interactive activity that changes your voice to sound like a Dalek.

There is a transparent acrylic window in the wall that allows you to look into the Monster Vault area.

On the right-hand side of this zone, there is a display case featuring mannequins wearing space suits. One of these has a fake skull in the helmet.

At the end of this section, there is a film playing about Black Holes which lasts 8 minutes. It has a seating area with soft round ottomans.

Four life-sized mannequins wearing spacesuits behind a glass enclosure. The one on the left is wearing a dark grey and orange suit, the two in the middle are wearing white suits, and the one on the right is wearing an orange suit with no helmet.

Zone 5: Bioscience Frontiers

Zone 5 explores biodiversity and life science on Earth. It begins with a model of Gadget (similar to the Mars Rover). It features a video narrated by Mark Gatiss and a large spooky ‘Fisher King’ costume.

There are different coloured lights on the floor throughout this zone (yellow, blue, orange, and purple). It also includes a model of the TARDIS.

Two people looking up at the Tardis. The Tardis is navy blue and resembles a police public call box.

Zone 5 continues after the Monster Zone entrance. In this area, there is a touchscreen that has no sound. It shows clips of large spiders and flocks of birds (based on ravens). There are two large models of spiders.

Two people looking down and pointing at an interactive display touchscreen. The wall behind them makes it look like they are surrounded by green rainforest trees.

Zone 6: The Monster Vault

The Monster Vault is a walled-off section which can be avoided. Through the doorway, you can see a Weeping Angel and some of the other monsters. This section has red lighting and includes several monsters featured in Doctor Who.

Inside the Monster Vault at the Doctor Who exhibit. There are many monsters from the TV show including a Dalek and Weeping Angel.

Inside the Monster Vault. You can go inside the Dalek shown in the bottom right of the image and move the arms around.

There are two touchscreens entitled ‘Monster Files’ with information about the monsters in the vault. One of the videos describes the Weeping Angels as they are about to attack. You can exit this video by touching a button at the bottom right of the screen.

A child looks at a touch screen in front of a row of monsters from Doctor Who. The monsters include a Dalek, a Cyberman, and 5 detached Cybermen heads.

Outside the Monster Vault (on the right when you exit), there is a wooden cupboard. This is called the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ and it has static head and shoulder models of creatures and monsters from Doctor Who.

The cupboard has doors that are opened and closed manually. You do not need to look in the cupboard if you don’t want to. There are pictures of inside the cabinet available at the exhibition front desk.

Zone 7: The Lab

This area leads to the final section and the exit. It is lighter than the rest of the exhibition with white panelled walls. It is quite loud and includes The Face of Boe, a talking Lady Cassandra, and three videos of people’s memories of Doctor Who.

Lady Cassandra, resembles skin stretched on a frame. She has eyes and a mouth.

Lady Cassandra.

Zone 8: The Finale

The final section of the exhibition is a large screen with another film narrated by Mark Gatiss. It has a firm red sofa for seating. The film lasts 5 minutes and 30 seconds. There is a yellow progress bar along the bottom to show how far through the film is.

Exhibit exit gate doorway. The gates have blue and white coloured arrows on them. The merchandise in the background includes black, blue, and red coloured t-shirts.

Exhibition exit and shop

As you exit the exhibition you will go through the merchandise shop. The shop has a range of Doctor Who merchandise including mini-figures, clothing, notebooks, and toys.  

We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Merchandise shop at the end of the Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder exhibit, showing products for sale.

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