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The exterior of the New Zealand Parliament building at 1 Museum Street, Pipitea in Wellington at sunset with pink-coloured clouds in the sky above.

New Zealand Parliament Tours

Go behind the scenes at the Beehive and Parliament House to understand more about New Zealand’s history and how democracy works.

Walk the corridors of power and learn about the Parliamentary process in New Zealand. You can find out about where New Zealand’s laws are written, debated, and passed. You’ll hear anecdotes about past politicians, see some of the artworks and objects from the Parliamentary Collection, and get to know the architectural history of the buildings.

There are many free guided tours that cater to different groups.

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The Introduction to Parliament tour is the most popular and takes place many times throughout the day. It is a great way to learn about the parliamentary processes. Walk inside the Executive Wing (the Beehive), notable for its circular design. Look at the 100-year-old Parliament House and the Parliamentary Library. You’ll also see the Debating Chamber, Select Committee rooms, Grand Hall, Legislative Council Chamber, Parliament House, and Banquet Hall.

There are tours that cater to those interested in the parliamentary art collection, and a shorter tour designed for children. The Twilight Tour happens at night and adds on a meal at Bellamys, the parliamentary restaurant usually only open to MPs. The fine dining restaurant serves sustainably sourced food overlooking a beautiful courtyard. The three-course meal is included in the tour ticket price and is a decadent way to complete your tour of the parliamentary precinct.

The friendly guides can provide information sheets for tours in Te Reo Māori, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Samoan, and Korean.

A Twilight tour going on inside the Chamber, Parliament.