Benefits of a quality event website

Nicole Walker from Arinex, an award-winning full-service event management company and digital conference organiser.

Nicole Walker.

Event websites are crucial to successful event planning. They offer many benefits for both organisers and attendees. Here are four of Nicole’s takeaways.

Streamline event planning

Event websites simplify attendee registration by providing integrated registration forms and secure payment systems. Detailed event schedules, venue information, and accommodation options also help attendees plan ahead.

Enhance pre-event marketing

An event website serves as the central hub for pre-event marketing efforts. Organisers can engage potential attendees by showing event highlights, providing teasers, and outlining registration details. Engaging features such as countdown timers and exclusive content builds anticipation and encourages registration.

Amplify sponsorship potential

Event websites create extra avenues for sponsored elements, unlocking increased sponsorship opportunities. With attendees visiting the website for information, sponsors gain visibility and increase their reach. Websites can feature all sponsor logos, detailing their connection and contribution to the event. This adds value to sponsor partnerships.

Amplify reach and accessibility

Event websites extend an event’s reach beyond physical attendees. A wider audience can access information, content, resources and accessibility features such as captions and sign language. By embracing technology, events can have a broader impact, regardless of geographical or physical constraints. Websites can also be an ongoing resource for member connection long after the event.

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