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Drone image of Te Papa and Tākina at sunset, with view of Wellington harbour, Mount Victoria and city in background.

Host a sustainable event in Wellington

The front facade of Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre. The morning sun reflects off the glass windows.

Wellington as a sustainable city

Already the lowest carbon city per person in Australasia, Wellington is on a mission to become a carbon-zero city by 2050.

On the right track, total gross emissions in Wellington decreased by 10% between 2020 and 2023.

Wellington has joined cities from around the world in the Cities Race to Zero, a collective pledge to halve carbon emissions by 2030. It was also one of 15 cities worldwide to win the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge for a digital re-creation of Wellington. This re-creation aims to educate people about climate change and will assist in better decision-making on how the city grows.

The Economist’s Safe Cities Index named Wellington as the number one city worldwide for environmental security in 2021. This index considers Wellington’s world-leading environmental restoration work. It also considers how the city has incorporated sustainability into urban planning to reduce carbon emissions and manage climate risks.

The events industry in Wellington has a special role to play in tackling climate change.

The industry has a responsibility to minimise our impact on climate change. But also to help create the meeting places and meaningful connections to tackle solutions to the climate crisis.

What is Wellington doing?

Wellington continues to work in these areas to increase the city’s sustainability.

  • Improve public and active transport by investing in better bike networks, pedestrian safety, public transport, care and e-scooter sharing, and ongoing city design for future growth.
  • Work with local communities to develop skills and support groups to reduce their climate impact.
  • Commit to better building standards by raising sustainable building standards and supporting upgrades of existing buildings.
  • Improve, increase, and link the extensive network of green spaces across the city.
  • Create a more sustainable food network by supporting a more sustainable fair food system that reverses the effects of climate change.

Make your event more sustainable

Wellington is already on its way to being a carbon-zero city by 2050. Below are some things to consider when planning your event to make it more sustainable. And to help us work towards our carbon-zero goal.

The Business Events team can help you choose responsible partners in venues, transport, accommodation, and catering.