Business resources

Business basics and where to start

Business checklist

Check out Xero’s 17-point checklist on starting a business to get yourself up and running.

Business plans

The type of business plan you need depends on its purpose. If you’re creating one to raise capital, ask your bank or potential investor for a template.

For a more generic business plan, check out It has a whole section dedicated to getting started in business. Find out how to take the first steps, choose the right business structure, build a brand, fund your business, planning tools and much more.

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Financial tools

Inland Revenue has developed a series of webinars and videos to help new business owners. It includes topics such as business structures, expenses, registering for GST and record keeping.

For forecasting tools, has a step-by-step guide to financial modelling, typically used for making business decisions related to taking on new projects, buying new equipment, or seeking investment.

Online business courses

There are a range of courses on offer to help you get started, covering everything you need to know about starting and running a business:

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Self-help tools for business

There’s a wealth of information online for all things HR and employment related, including:

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Digital marketing tools

Digital Boost offers a range of video resources, guides and other free training tools to learn how to best use digital tools for your business.

Find out more about your customers and competitors

  • Statistics New Zealand provides data for businesses about your potential customers, industry and competitive landscape. You can use their free data resource or pay for their customised data services to help you make a more informed decision.
  • Figure NZ is a user-friendly, free resource. You can search data by sector and location, and it brings up a range of data that may fit the scope of your search.
  • Prosearch is Wellington City Libraries’ professional search service. You can access up to 1 hour’s non-urgent free research per topic. For urgent enquiries, work can be undertaken at $60 per hour.