The urban setting of the Hutt Road Ngauranga Interchange, where highways got over tunnels with walls that once had graffiti.

Originally there was a single set of traffic lights connecting Hutt Road to Centennial Road. But the Ngauranga Interchange is now a complex connection of various routes between State Highways 1, 2, and Hutt Road.

As it provides access to and from Wellington City and the ferry terminals, it is an extremely busy interchange.

Located at the foot of the Ngauranga Gorge, it is also part of the city’s busiest cycle route. It provides access for cyclists to the city centre from the northern and some of the western suburbs, as well as from the Hutt Valley.

The tunnels beneath the highways make for a grungy setting with layers of paint over graffiti and the roar of traffic overhead. There are separate footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Ngauranga Train Station is nearby.

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Jurisdiction Wellington City Council, Waka Kotahi
Permits required Yes, apply for a permit
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