The screen location of Te Mārua  cliffs, where a river flows against vertical cliffs on the foothills of the Remutaka Range.

Te Mārua is a rural suburb of Upper Hutt, just 10 minutes from the city’s centre. Situated at the foothills of the Remutaka Range and beside , it is a stunning setting.

Te Mārua Cliffs, located in the upper reaches of the river, make for a dramatic riverbank, rising several metres vertically from the water. Different layers of sediment are on display.

The Hutt River Tail provides an easy, scenic walk and cycle path alongside the river, and access to it for swimming, fishing, and kayaking. Access to the cliffs is also possible with four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Just a short distance north are the two Stuart Macaskill water storage lakes. These are filled from the river and provide back-up drinking water for the Hutt Valley.

Location details

Jurisdiction Upper Hutt City Council
Permits required Yes, apply for a permit
Location descriptors Scrub, mossy, foliage, serene, wilderness, remote, untamed, uninhabited, vast, uncharted, isolated, solitude, rugged, natural, expanse, crags, escarpment, scenic, steep, elevation, cliffs, breathtaking, rock formations, rivers, streams, coastal cliff.