The screen location of Whiitemans Valley, nestled among trees and hills, old buildings have been built to mimic an old town.

A 45-minute drive north of Wellington and just 10 minutes from Upper Hutt and Lane Street Studios, Whitemans Valley features country lanes, green pastures, and a mountainous backdrop.

The valley was named after George Whiteman who came across it in 1846 while pig-hunting. The Whiteman family founded a settlement there in 1871.

Nestled among the hills is a television set built in the 1980s on a 10-acre lifestyle block. It features a house, a general store, a hotel, a post office, and a town hall.

Originally built for the drama series ‘Country GP’, it has since been used for other series such as ‘Wellington Paranormal’, ‘The Tribe’, ‘The Fire Raiser’, ‘Colonial Battle’, and ‘Peppermint Twist’.

In recent years the upper part of the valley has hosted gatherings of local and global entrepreneurs and investors. The nearby Mangaroa Farms describes itself as a “community food hub and resilience educated centre” and sells locally-grown produce.

Location details

Jurisdiction Upper Hutt City Council
Permits required Private property, contact Screen Wellington
Location descriptors Barns, bridges, fields, gardens, grassland/plains, hills, orchards, roads, rural buildings, scenic roads, towns, valleys, farmhouses, ranches/stations, countryside, farmland, pastures, homesteads, meadows, cottages, farms, farmhouse, sheds, country life, rural communities, agricultural land, open spaces, sandscapes, rustic charm, farming.