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Inside the K Stage at Stone Street Studios. It is a large space with a concrete floor and a grid of catwalks on the ceiling.

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Four purpose-built sound stages sit on the Stone Street lot. Including the 2,239m² ‘Kong’ stage, which is large enough to house the legend himself. Each of these stages has soundproofing, an air handling system, and a grid of catwalks for set and lighting rigs.

Additionally, the Backlot can function as a wet stage or an outside green screen. The eight-acre site also includes the infrastructure to support all elements of practical world-building with many construction and prop-making workshops.

All costume and make-up needs are on site. There are large open-plan costume-making and fitting areas. The 13 make-up workstations are complete with hair washing stations and a greenroom for cast and extras processing.

The lot is also home to two large office blocks for all Production, Finance, and Art Department needs. The studios sit on a secure high-speed fibre ring connecting productions to Wētā FX, Wētā Workshop and Park Road Post Production. This provides efficient management of digital on-set dailies and back-ups.

Stone Street has been home to many productions and caters to films of all sizes. Its credits include ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogies, and more recently ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. The studio provides facilities and technology to transport a production to its final cinematic destination.


  • Four sound stages are available — K Stage, F Stage, G Stage, and A Stage.
  • 4,645m² Backlot for exterior sets, green screen, and more.
  • 1,765m² of Production office space.
  • More than 5,500m² of dedicated Art Department workshops and warehouses.
  • 585m² of open-plan Costume area with a functioning laundry.
  • 13 Make-up workstations.

Sound stages

Sound stages K Stage F Stage G Stage A Stage
Total Area 2,239m² / 24,000ft² 1,632m² / 17,566ft² 1,632m² / 17,566ft² 1,176m² / 12,658ft²
Length 70m / 230ft 63m / 207ft 63m / 207ft 47.6m / 156ft
Width 28.9m / 95ft 26m / 85ft 26m / 85ft 24.7m / 81ft
Height 16m / 52ft 16m / 52ft 16m / 52ft 11m / 36ft
The large exterior of Stone Street Studios.