Behind the scenes of a film production with the actor playing a charging warrior in front of a green screen. There is a man operating a camera that's fixed to a track, other sound and lighting equipment is seen in the background.


UNESCO recognises New Zealand’s creative capital as a City of Film for its rich and diverse screen activity. Combining creativity and technology, Wellington’s screen industry drives positive change for the city, its communities, and the next generation of filmmakers. With a range of accessible, unique locations, abundant local expertise, and award-winning production facilities, you’ll find everything you need in Wellington.

“Wellington is a city where creativity flowers with surprising tenacity.”

Dame Jane Campion

The region’s accessible and compact nature makes for a convenient film-making experience. Everything is within easy reach. The city is host to unique filming locations, world-class studios, and purpose-built sound stages. Paired with award-winning crew and talented locals, it’s a one-stop shop for productions of every size.

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Wellington is ideally located in the middle of New Zealand. Surrounded by a harbour and hills, the city’s landscape provides abundant opportunity.  Urban, coastal, and rural locations are all within an hour’s drive of the airport. Steep cliffs, lush forests, and historic buildings are all on offer, and easily accessed. Find Rivendell in Upper Hutt, or 1920s New York in the central city.

The city has a long-established reputation as a hub of film. Many film and television projects have featured on the international stage. Award-winning projects such as ‘Avatar’, ‘King Kong’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, and ‘Wellington Paranormal’ were all made here.

With a mix of culture, history, nature, and cuisine, work and play are both taken care of. From large, international productions to local series, Wellington makes for an easy film-making experience.

“The crew’s passion and talent brought us back for the Avatar sequels.”

Jon Landau, ‘Avatar’ producer
The view of Wellington harbour from the look out point on Mount Victoria at dusk. The sky is purple with a hint of orange glow from the sun in the distance and the city street lights are illuminated.