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Barstaff at Plonk mkaing cocktails, there is a large shelf full of drinks behind them and yellow lighting surrounds.
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    36 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

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A fun, low-key, intimate atmosphere was the aim of the creators of Plonk. Sitting on a busy inner-city road and surrounded by office blocks, the bar and eatery fills a gap in the market. “We reckon there was a bit of fun missing from this end of town and wanted to entice people to stay around after work,” says creative director and chef James Pask.

It’s not just the after-work drinks crowd that Plonk attracts. The menu appeals to serious foodies, and the evening sounds encourage live music lovers.

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James describes the eatery as a ‘bistrotheque’ — it’s an indication of the cheerful and irreverent approach Plonk takes. A mix of bistro and discotheque — you can attend to hear some great DJs live and choose from some seriously good snacks. You can expect some French classics, but the kitchen will give them some unexpected twists to freshen them and surprise you. Coq au vin is served on very untraditional skewers, and you’ll find yakitori treated similarly.

The freedom from tradition allows Plonk to focus the menu on share-plates. It feeds into the philosophy of providing serious food in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu is constantly evolving but some things will make regular appearances. The venison sausages are made in-house as is the mustard. Their popularity is already established.

Plonk’s wine cellar is extensive with an ever-changing list of options. You’ll get local and international wines and some real surprises. “From our previous ventures, we’ve built up a top-notch wine selection. There are bin ends in the cellar, and you can order something potluck,” says James. Take your chances on a blind order and end up with a vintage claret or some other rarity.

For great live music, food, and a quality bottle of plonk head into the city and plonk yourself down in a seat.