New Zealand supergroup tribute band, Come Together, is performing on stage with a full band.

Come Together 2024

  • Venue

    The Opera House

Aotearoa’s Come Together Supergroup has honoured 11 famous albums over the past three years. A combined audience of 45,000 have sat back to listen to some of New Zealand’s most esteemed performers pay homage to great music. Now the odyssey continues with a lineup of three concerts for 2024.

U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’, Led Zeppelin ‘IV’, and The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ are some of the most revered LPs of recent decades. Each will be performed in its entirety, with a bonus set of deep cuts and classic hits. The Come Together band stars include Jol Mulholland, Brett Adams, Matthias Jordan, Alistair Deverick, and Mike Hall.

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About the concerts

U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’

Frequently listed among the greatest albums of all time, ‘The Joshua Tree’ is one of the world’s best-selling albums. It topped the charts in over 20 countries and became the fastest-selling album in British history. It produced the hit singles ‘With or Without You’, ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’, and ‘One Tree Hill’ — a track that was written in memory of Greg Carroll, a New Zealander and close friend of Bono’s.

Led Zeppelin ‘IV’

Led Zeppelin’s game-changing blues-rock-folk opus of 1971 ‘IV’ included ‘Stairway To Heaven’. This eight-minute track ensured immortality for both the band and the album. It also included hard rock classics ‘Black Dog’, ‘Going To California’, and the ethereal ‘Battle of Evermore’ with its references to ‘The Lord of The Rings’. The heavy folk aesthetic the music carried defines an era and has echoed through countless bands.

Come Together, a New Zealand-based Supergroup Tribute Band, performing on stage. The lead vocalist is holding a microphone in his right hand with his left arm raised doing a thumbs up.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles’ Summer-of-Love masterpiece defined what ‘The Album’ was for a generation. ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ had high-concept cover art, psychedelic lyrics, and epic sound production. It is considered a defining album for many. From ‘Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds’ and ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ to ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ and ‘A Day In The Life’ - the songs confirmed The Beatles as the finest craftsmen of their generation.