The band Crowded House performs on stage with guitars and colourful lights.

It’s only natural to be excited now that multi-platinum-selling rock band Crowded House has announced a tour. The Gravity Stairs Tour in support of their new album, ‘Gravity Stairs’, will play TSB Arena on 9 November. Crowded House has sold over 15 million records worldwide. They’ve also earned a Brit Award, 13 Australian ARIA Awards, three Aotearoa Music Awards and an MTV VMA. The band has generated billions of streams online and has consistently sold out tours across the world for nearly four decades.

Crowded House’s current incarnation features founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour. They are joined by Mitchell Froom, Elroy Finn, and Liam Finn. Speaking about the album title ‘Gravity Stairs’, Neil says the name was inspired by an unnaturally heavy stone staircase near where he vacations. “The Gravity Stairs are symbolic of the struggle to ascend, acknowledging the opposing forces of weight on the mechanics of living. It’s an act of will every day.” The band has been practising in the northern hemisphere for several months, so they are keen to get back to New Zealand where the original journey began. Wellington is the first gig of their Australasian tour so expect them to hit the ground running.

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