Paul Cosentino.

And with a wave of the wand Australia’s world-renowned illusionist appeared. Former International Magician of the Year Cosentino will present a new show at St James Theatre in November. Decennium is a spectacular 90-minute stage show all written, produced, and choreographed by Cosentino. Watch as he performs his most thrilling escapes, mind-boggling stage illusions, and cutting-edge street magic. Watch as your view of reality twists and changes. 

Cosentino’s trademark blend of dance and illusion will take you on a magical journey. He also enjoys engaging the audience with a bit of interactive participation. The mix of humour, awe, and drama will captivate fans new and old. 

Cosentino is Australia’s most successful magician, illusionist, and escape artist. He has written, produced and starred in eight highly successful prime-time specials. These have been broadcast in over 40 countries and seen by over 500 million people. “It’s a great honour to bring my brand-new stage to Aotearoa. This production is very dear to me as it represents everything I have achieved both professionally and personally over the last 10 years” says Cosentino.