Deborah Frances-White, host of the award winning podcast 'The Guilty Feminist', on stage holding a microphone wearing  a sparkly shall.

The Guilty Feminist Live Podcast

  • Venue

    The Opera House

It’s a podcast but performed in front of an audience. It’s hosted by a comedienne but discusses serious topics. The Guilty Feminist has become a global phenomenon in the world of podcasts.  Part comedy, part deep-dive discussion, and part activism it returns to New Zealand for the first time in three years. Hosted by Deborah Frances-White the award-winning podcast is recorded in front of a live audience. Each episode has an array of world-class guests who help Deborah examine the goals of the 21st-century feminist. This includes the hypocrisies and insecurities that undermine those goals.  

With over 100 million downloads in eight years, The Guilty Feminist proves you don’t have to be perfect to be a force for meaningful change. Come along, be challenged, and laugh at the same time.