A person browsing clothing at Caughley, hung by hangers on an industrial pipe.
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    57 Ghuznee Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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Nestled on Ghuznee Street, Caughley boasts a range of clothing from international brands and emerging New Zealand designers. Browse the curated selection and you’re bound to find a special gem or timeless staple.

Caughley offers a range of clothes, shoes, accessories, skincare, and jewellery. Brands are a mix of local and international, such as Ganni, Citizens of Humanity, Wynn Hamlyn, Yu Mei, Emma Lewisham, and Daylight Moon. Each item is hand-picked by owner Rachael Caughley based on the fabrics, style, and design. Rather than following trends, Rachael focuses on finding timeless, high-quality staples. She ensures each piece is made to last, aligning with the boutique’s ethos of “buy less, buy better”.

Once Rachael has selected a piece that aligns with her brand ethos, she will generally buy just one of each size. This is an unconventional approach but is beneficial for both Rachael and her customers. It’s a great way for Rachael to try out a designer with her clientele and ensure there is minimal waste. It also means that each visit to the store offers shoppers a new selection, and each piece will only be worn by a few others.

Exterior of Caughley, with tilted sign and black painted walls.

Rachael believes her love for fashion runs in her blood. Her passion for dressing and styling came from working on a shop floor during university. “I love meeting people and making them feel good in what they’re wearing,” says Rachael. This passion is what inspired her to take the plunge and open her own women’s boutique in October 2015.

Rachael loves to have a constant flow of new stock. She rearranges the store layout to keep things exciting. Caughley has a very loyal customer base with out-of-towners stopping by whenever they are visiting and regular Wellingtonians popping in.

Service is a big part of Rachael’s boutique with a lot of people coming in for styling advice, which Rachael and her staff love to give.

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