A person sorting out the fresh fruit in baskets at Moore Wilsons, handpainted signs above show the prices and types of fruits.

Moore Wilson’s

Moore Wilson’s is Wellington’s foodie mecca. It brings together every type of food lover under one roof. Local chefs and café owners go there to buy their supplies. Home cooks and foodies head there to pick up restaurant-quality ingredients. And, it’s a must-visit on any eating tour of Wellington.

Moore Wilson’s began in 1918 as a general wholesale merchant. The family business supplied Wellington’s hospitality and service industries. Over 100 years later, it’s run by fourth-generation grocer Julie Moore. Julie has continued the store’s friendly, hands-on approach while shaping it into a true foodie destination.

Divided into multiple departments, it can be hard to know where to start. A good place to begin is downstairs, in Moore Wilson’s Fresh. Like an always-on farmers market, it stocks specialised artisan products, and fresh produce, meat and seafood. Local bakeries come by each morning, stocking up the shelves with fresh bread and sweet treats. The selection is extensive, so it’s best to come with an empty stomach.

You’ll find coffee beans from over 10 local roasteries to choose from. The store hums with the whirr of the grinder preparing beans for customers to take away. If you can’t wait until home, order a coffee from the in-store coffee counter for a mid-shop break. Or, grab some of their famous orange juice. They juice around one tonne of New Zealand oranges each day to make their wildly popular bottles of OJ.

If cooking isn’t on the cards, there are pop-up food pods outside the front door. Local food trucks and cafés offer everything from sushi to souvlaki. Upstairs, stock up on salads for the makings of an epic picnic.

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, head upstairs for even more foodie fun. The kitchen and home section has everything you could dream of for the perfect kitchen set-up. From chefs’ knives to handmade ceramics, coffee makers to Wellington’s biggest range of cookbooks. You’ll be wishing you had more room in your suitcase.

Staff member handing over a brown paper bag full of bread to a customer inside Moore Wilsons.